AC Compressor


New innovations, advanced engineering are some of the many distinctions of the Chrysler AC brand among the many competing brands available in the automotive market. For so many years, this auto brand has gained a rock solid reputation in the automotive market, especially when they eventually merged with Daimler Benz that led to a groundbreaking partnership. It helped them realize an increase in sales and paved a way for more dynamics line up of vehicles for the modern car enthusiasts. Current line ups of Chrysler vehicles are still carrying the traditional distinctive quality of luxury, innovation and precision engineering that are inherent in the original models. Some of these are the PT cruiser, 300, Town& Country, Pacifica, etc.

The air conditioning system plays a very important role of maintaining proper ventilation inside the vehicle. One of the many parts comprising this system is the Chrysler AC compressor, which is considered as the heart of the air conditioning system. It’s like a human heart; only instead of blood it pumps a fluid called refrigerant. The Chrysler AC compressor is located in the engine and is driven by a pump, which lies on the logical centre of the AC system. Its function is to pump the refrigerant that absorbs all the accumulated heat inside the cabin of the vehicle.

If the air conditioning compressor clutch is disengaged, the pulley will spin but the compressor won’t operate, reducing drag on the engine. Below are several normal conditions when the cut out relay is activated:

  When the gas pedal is flooded, the logic module sends a signal to the AC cutout relay to disengage the air conditioning compressor clutch, so more of the engine’s power can be used for acceleration.

  The AC cutout relay keeps the clutch disengaged for 10 seconds after the engine has started to avoid stalling and so the logic module can accurately set the target idle using the AIS motor.

A worn out AC compressor affects the entire operation of the air conditioning system, and stops it fuctioning. Therefore, it is very important to make an investment for a premium Chrysler AC compressor.

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