AC Compressor

Daewoo AC Compressor Design

Daewoo AC Compressor’s design, however sleek and simple the outer shell may look like, is rather complicated and contains smaller components that perform complex functionality. Regular AC compressors employ simple tube structures that can perform the compression functionality, but are very limited to the speed and the range of the temperature control. Daewoo’s AC Compressor employs a complex and technologically more advanced methods that keep it at the top of the market due to its high quality performance and long durability and great design. The major parts involved in in an AC Compressor are stated below.



 1.Scroll Compressor – This latest technological advancement in the compressor’s refrigerant is adapted by Daewoo AC Compressor. This component uses two intertwining spiral coil design which provide greater surface area for the refrigerant to flow in a limited space and thus increasing the performance of the compressor, to allow for higher or lower compression pressures than those that would have been achieved by regular circular tubed compressors.

    2.Lubricant – Daewoo AC Compressor has casings filled with lubricant of higher quality and lower viscosity in order to enable smooth movement of the scroll compressors. The lubricant reduces the possibility of abrasions and wear and tear of the compressor.

    3.Refrigerant – The refrigerant coolant liquid used inside a Daewoo AC Compressor is specially designed for the use in every different compressor, thus taking into considerations of the volume, surface areas, air pressures and amount of air to be cooled by the compressor. The coolant flows in the compressor without any inhibition because the internal walls of the compressor are designed to work with the fluid’s friction and viscosity. Also, the design employs gap less and pore less tube construction so that there are no leaks or evaporation possible for the coolant to escape the compressor and also to stop any moisture or air from entering the compressor.

With these modern technological designs, Daewoo AC Compressors are considered to employ a flawless design and will account for minimal maintenance problems, thus ensuring a top spot in the market with such a complex and sophisticated design.



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